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Lead by Sherry Caffrey Villari, a dominant pioneer within the public safety industry and the creator of the first AED program, the PSSI team is dedicated to combatting current sudden cardiac arrest statistics; the team provides safety education and AED program management services which transform any environment into a heart-safe destination.

Adding to the highly successful implementation of the first AED Program, the Chicago HeartSave Program at Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway International airports, the company has developed and maintained similar AED programs for clients such as the Chicago Public School System, the Chicago Park District, and Chicago’s Commuter Railroad, METRA as well as a wide variety of small to medium sized clients - including condominium associations, churches, physician's offices, government facilities, health clubs, commercial office buildings, and amusement parks. So far, PSSI-engineered AED programs have prevented nearly 100 sudden cardiac deaths and have reached a cardiac arrest survival rate of over 65%, compared to the national average which falls below 10%.

In addition to the company’s direct efforts, thanks to Sherry Caffrey Villari’s innovative approach to reviving cardiac arrest victims through bystander intervention, countless lives have been saved globally. Largely due to her outreach efforts and commitment to the mission of saving lives, AED programs are now a public safety standard in many public places around the country and the world. According to The New York Times, there are about 2.4 million publicly accessible AED units in the United States alone. While it has been proven that public access to defibrillation programs are effective in saving lives, there is a significant AED deployment shortage. Countless additional AED units must be strategically installed around the country in order to decrease AED retrieval time so a shock to the heart can be delivered within the first few minutes of the arrest.

Is there an AED in the environment in which you work, spend time, and gather with your colleagues and family? If something were to happen, do you know the appropriate emergency response techniques? How confident do you feel when you think about responding to a medical emergency? Partner with us and we will develop an AED program which will ensure proper response during a life threatening medical emergency. Together, we can manifest a future in which an AED and a CPR-trained citizen is always nearby and sudden cardiac death is a rare occurrence.

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