Meet Our Team

41st_wardWith PSSI, you don't get the bot, you get the brain! You don't get a "customer support representative", you get an enthusiastic lifesaver! With us, you have a team who functions around you, with whom you're on a first name basis (if you chose to be!), and who cares about making your AED program successful in saving lives!

Lead by the developer of the world’s first AED program, this team is made up of highly responsive safety professionals who are passionate about the mission of empowering bystanders to become lifesavers. PSSI’s internal culture is extremely people-focused and one that values integrity, transparency, accountability, communication, and team work. Your needs always take precedence; every member of our team is dedicated to optimizing customer service to be sure that you can respond to a medical emergency with confidence.

We are here to help you realize your lifesaving potential! With the right preparation, anyone can save a life. Contact us today and start saving lives tomorrow!

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