Student Evaluations


Every year, our team trains thousands of people in CPR, AED, First Aid, and other safety-related topics. Those who attend our safety courses are asked to fill out an ananymous evaluation form at the end of the class. Here are some comments left by our students in 2013:

“The course was excellent!”
• “The instructor was great! Very knowledgeable!”
• “Very detailed and well presented!”
•  “The course was perfect. Well planned and very effective for learning the material.”
• “The course covered many possibilities for the environment in which we work”
• “Learning the infant CPR and choking was a plus. I now have two grandchildren so this helps.”
• “The hands on is very helpful. The manikins give you a feel of doing CPR for real.”
• “Never taken this course. This is going to be very helpful in my overall life skills. It was very informative.”
• “This course was better than the one I took years ago…much."
• “I feel well prepared…I can’t think of anything else I need.”
• “Very good instructor. He made us feel comfortable.”
• “The instructor was well qualified. Gave course material in a manner that helped me to attain and keep all verbal and video knowledge.”
• “Instructor was certified in several areas which was important to know! Thank you!”
• “First time I have taken this course. Excellent instruction and presentation.”
• “I have attended several courses over the last 30+ years, and, by far, this is “THE” best one I have attended.”
• “Instructor was very detailed and thorough! Excellent instructor!”Ron_Instructing
• "It is very important information presented in a manner which anyone can comprehend."
• "Everything was explained thoroughly and very professionally."
• "I believe taking this course has strengthened my ability to perform tasks when needed in action."
• "I liked how the instructor was very hands on and answered all questions effectively."
• "The strengths are knowing now that I can save someone's life."
• "Very helpful. [The instructor] was clear and took his time. A+!"
• "The course was very well explained."
• "A lot of the information was very helpful in regards to my job."
• "Everything was hands on and very clear and understandable."
• "Everything was outstanding!"
• "Instructors were hands on. They made it very easy to understand."
• "It was very clear and concise."
• "The class was fun and not boring."
• "I loved it."
• "Very hands on. Practical and realistic scenarios. Very informative."
• "I feel the course was perfect for learning and improving my skills and comfort level in an intense situation."
• "I learned a lot!"
• "The instructor was excellent in explaining everything thoroughly."
• "This was easy to remember and I feel confident in my new skills."
• "Instructor having real experience was a great strength."
• "I absolutely loved this course."
• "Our instructor took his time and explained everything in detail. I'm glad to have taken the class with him today."
• "Excellent instructor. Covered every aspect of CPR/AED training.”
• “The instructor took his time to make sure everyone understood the material. Great job.”
• “In the course of 28 plus years, I must say that this has been the been the best CPR class I've had so far. Thank you!”
• “Instructor was very knowledgeable. Also provided additional information on other health topics. Very willing to answer a variety of questions.”

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