Survivor Stories


There’s nothing we can say that is more poignant than the words of sudden cardiac arrest survivors.  We are thankful they can share these stories and we applaud our partners for taking the initiative to protect the lives of others!

Sudden cardiac arrest survivor from New Lenox, Illinois - Saved at O’Hare International Airport
   "That AED gave me my life back.  They save lives in a split second. I have learned to appreciate every waking moment."

 Sudden cardiac arrest survivor from Aurora, Illinois - Saved at O’Hare International Airport
"I remember speaking to a young girl who was using her cell phone in line at customs and I gently reminded her that they frowned on      that—after that I remember nothing else.. I awoke in the ambulance on the tarmac.  I was very lucky —I had three totally clogged arteries (one a "widow maker").  My heart started racing out of control and it was the AED that ‘reset’ it and saved my life.  I was defibrillated 4 times by the quick responders - without this life-saving service I would not be here family would be without a father."

Sudden cardiac arrest survivor from Chicago, Illinois - Saved at O'Hare International Airport
"I am extremely grateful for the foresight displayed by the City of Chicago and O’Hare Airport to provide AED’s so widely spread throughout the airport.  The set-up and availability of individuals with the necessary skills and courage made me survive."

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