The difference between us and the competition is experience and the understanding that you don't need hundreds of defibrillators to have a life saving program. It takes an experienced manufacture-neutral AED program architect who works for you to develop an option which fits your needs, is cost-effective, and, most importantly, is effective in saving lives.

We are the pioneers in this arena.

Public Safety Solutions, Inc. is made up of a team of safety professionals who are responsible for designing and implementing the world's first AED program. This company was founded by Sherry Caffrey Villari, who created an approach to treating cardiac arrest victims through bystander intervention; thanks to her innovative idea and the hard work of her team, countless lives have been saved globally. Publicly accessible defibrillators are now a health standard in many airports, schools, casinos, fitness clubs, stadiums, and other public destinations around the world. We created the original solution and, today, we offer the best solution on the market - one that is developed entirely based on your needs. 

We are your internal and external stakeholders.

Being a service-provider, our team functions around you; communication is constant in order to be sure that every detail is reviewed and handled according to your wishes to the best of our abilities. As your partners and the keepers of your safety program, we assume responsibility for every step of the way. We guarantee your compliance with all local and state regulations as well as your readiness to act during a medical emergency. Everything we do deals with life and death and we take our performance very seriously. As a result, our AED program package includes 24-hour support, including on-site support, to ensure your peace of mind and preparedness. 

We truly believe in the mission of saving lives.

PSSI is successful in building effective AED programs because of our team's firm focus on the mission of saving lives by empowering bystanders to become lifesavers. We are in business for the benefit of the greater good and our goal is to save lives by addressing all your safety concerns. We focus on providing excellent customer service; we make sure that you always feel empowered to save a life. With your partnership, we can manifest a future in which sudden cardiac death is a rare occurrence.

Join our family and, together, we can save lives, one heart at a time! Contact us today!

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