What is an AED?

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device which can be used by nonmedical people to eliminate the deadly heart rhythm associated with sudden cardiac arrest. With a shock to the heart, this safe and easy to use device can recover a normal heart rhythm and bring a cardiac arrest victim back to life. Without quick defibrillation, the victim's chances of survival decrease rapidly with every minute that passes.

An AED is a easily operated device which that can be used by virtually anyone. When turned on, the machine guides the user with step-by-step instructions on the actions which need to be taken to revive the victim. The AED has one mission - to find a sudden cardiac arrest rhythm and to get rid of it, thus bringing the victim back from the dead.

Quick defibrillation presents the best chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, which is why Public Safety Solutions, Inc.'s team of AED program experts and many other safety professionals around the world believe that AEDs must be as common as fire extinguishers - so that they can be retrieved and used as quickly as possible.

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