Why invest in an AED Program?

If you work with the public, you should know that, eventually, someone is going to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. When every second counts, there is no time to hesitate; you must be ready to take action and you must do it quickly - otherwise, a life may be lost to sudden cardiac arrest before your eyes in a matter of minutes. 

Having an AED program - an action plan which includes a highly visible, easily accessible Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and a CPR/AED-trained team of responders - ensures that the victim of cardiac arrest receives aid quickly and has the highest probability of survival. Give your employees, visitors, colleagues, and loved ones the security of knowing that if they suffer from a cardiac arrest, you will do everything to help them recover. Be the fast acting lifesaver, not the panicked bystander. 

Do you know where the nearest AED is located? Are you trained to use it? Are you ready to save a live? Time for you to transform your environment into a heart-safe destination! Contact us and we'll give you all the tools and support needed to save a life!

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