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Excerpted from May 14, 2003 letter from the Medical Director of the City of Dallas Emergency Medical Services; Medical Director of the Dallas Metropolitan Medical Response System; Professor of Medicine, Surgery, and Public Health and Chair of Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Dallas County Hospital District:

Ms. Caffrey-Villari has achieved an international reputation regarding her uncommon knowledge of AED program development.  Not only is she remarkably experienced in terms of understanding many of the non-intuitive nuances of AED placement and public education strategies, but she also has unmatched insight into many of the under-recognized limitations and confounding variables in achieving related success.  In fact, her multi-year experience with the Chicago HeartSave Program concerning public deployment of AEDs at your municipal airports remains, to date, the single most successful adventure in terms of survival rates for sudden death syndrome in the out-of-hospital, non-medical environment.  Her leadership, supervisory skills and uncanny insights were pivotal in terms of the success of this landmark medical achievement.  It was an unprecedented municipal government initiative and she was the main reason for its triumph.

Excerpted from May 15, 2003 letter from a Professor and Director of the Emergency Resuscitation Center and the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago:

The Chicago HeartSave Project, led by Ms. Caffrey has become the most brilliantly executed program for saving lives in the country.  O’Hare and the Chicago airports are touted internationally as being the “safest place in America to have a heart attack” and with good reason. Ms. Caffrey is without a doubt the nation’s expert in this.…it takes a fully integrated system that works from the beginning to the end to save people’s lives. She has a great ability to know both what is required to save lives while also keeping an eye on fiscal matters. 

Excerpted from April 16, 2008 letter from the Chicago Public Schools Director of Compensation and Benefits Management:

CPS selected PSSI as the vendor responsible for evaluating every school for their AED needs and to organize CPR and AED training of employees at each location...Our experience with PSSI has been excellent. Ms. Sherry Caffrey and her team demonstrate a high level of commitment and effective management. The PSSI team has developed the four-year implementation program and have met the pre-established milestones over the first three years. The team works well with school leadership to evaluate the school's AED needs, conduct all necessary follow-up and enrollment of employees for training. PSSI has brought top notch CPR/AED trainers to the scheduled mass training sessions. To date, PSSI's dedicated team has successfully trained 2,600 CPS personnel, and has installed 685 AED's in over 319 CPS School locations. CPS values PSSI's strong level of dedication and management of this very large implementation program. PSSI has also helped in developing new partnerships and effective ways of delivering training and re-education to CPS employees. I highly recommend PSSI to any organization based on their commitment and dedication to the services that they provide.



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